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You are ready to grow – but what does that mean exactly? Updated corporate image? New website? Time to start behaving like a bigger company? Before we do anything, we spend time with you to understand your business – what you do and how. We then help you to identify some clear, actionable goals. Based on these goals, we then come up with a strategy that will set out, step by step, how to achieve them.

It’s not what you know…
It’s who. And I do. As well as all of the regular marketing services I offer, I can also help you with many other areas of your business. In the unlikely event that I don’t already know someone who can help you, I am about two phone calls away from finding someone who can, via my extensive network of trusted partners. Hong Kong is a small village of 7 million+ people and once you have been around a while, you get known. That’s what over two decades of experience in Hong Kong gets you.

Always Seek Local Knowledge:
It’s an old adage and it still holds true today. With over a decade in Asia, I have been around long enough to know the ropes – and who owns them too – especially important if you are the ‘new boy’ in town. I can save you from making an expensive mistake by making sure you team up with the right partner.

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